France Mon Amour

The decolonization of many countries has been bloody, brutal and irrational, due to the obstinacy of the powers to want to perennizar themselves in the occupied territory and to continue operating to the population and the natural resources. In World War II, Great Britain recruited soldiers of its colonies to part that to the native ones was considered them like citizens of second, like for example to the Indians (inhabitants of India, do not say Hindu, because they are those that profess Hinduism) and France to the Algerians, to those who in spite of them to have helped to release Paris of the Nazis dealt, them with inferiority and never they even considered for the indemnifications and/or retirements. Many died waiting for that recognition. One calculates that about 200 thousand Algerian soldiers were under the command of the French Armed Forces. Whereas other countries retired of their colonies, some ” honorablemente” , France empecin and had catastrophic defeats in Indochina and Algeria. It had to retire without honor nor glory and worse still with the image completely notched by the vandalism, the generalized torture and the indiscriminate slaughters realised by its troops of occupation.

After a revolt of the Algerian independentistas forces by which 50 and 100 French or pieds-noirs died between (Colonising), in retaliation the French assassinated 50 thousand Algerians in Setif, in 1945. Altogether, in the long war of independence 1.5 million Algerian civilians died, in addition, the Gauls destroyed 8,000 villages. Although the French ambassador in Algiers said that the massacre of Setif was one ” tragedy inexcusable” , the Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, demanded that Paris admits its responsibility. The French agent chief executive, Nicholas Sarkozy, only limited themselves to criticize the past colonial of his country in Algeria and asked not to pause in that past and to watch the future.