Freshlook Colorblends

Blue, green and aquaculture opaque contacts create a deep rich color, to suit people with brown eyes, naturally. Do color contacts come with corrective powers? Acuvue 2 Colors and all Freshlook collections come with visual correction powers as well as flat (without correction). Additionally, Freshlook Colorblends is the only objective color that comes in toric, so it is suitable for people with astigmatism. So it is better: Acuvue 2 Colors or Freshlook? There is no single answer to this question. Both brands of lens are very comfortable to use and create a great look. The only difference is color. In the same person, the blue would be very different Acuvue Freshlook blue.

It really depends on the eyes and face, and it is almost impossible to predict the outcome until you use colored contact lenses. Do not pay to much attention to how it looks on the lens of the photo, because what will probably be different. This happens mostly with enhancer lenses? enhancers blue on blue eyes are very different from enhancers over gray eyes. Opaque contact lenses color can also be very different in different people, which is not due to your natural eye color, but because of the shape of the eye, skin and hair types. By limiting the choice of color, I recommend asking your doctor for two prescriptions: one for Acuvue 2 colors and another for Freshlook.

Then, for both. They cost about the same, so within outspend if you were to order 2 boxes each. Then, after using your new color contacts for a while, you can decide for yourself which looks better. In addition, doctors often give color contacts free trial. I really can not be used in public because trial lenses have the word "test" imprinted on them, but it gives you a fair idea about the color. Ask for two free pairs, one from Freshlook and one from Acuvue, and see what looks better. As for the price is concerned, Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors cost about the same for a box of six lenses. However, all Freshlook lenses are monthly disposable, while Acuvue 2 Colors is a 2-week disposable contact lenses. So it turns out that Freshlook is twice cheaper. If you were thinking of giving you a little treat, getting color contacts will not be disappointed. And now, when you know what works best for you, you can make your choice with confidence. Happy changing! Tanya Turner is a contact lens expert and a founder of where you can find unbiased information about eye health and all types of contact lenses with reviews and photos