Genealogy And Family History

Before, the history of the family and the genealogy only interested to Kings and aristocrats because properties and titles were inherited from generation to generation under very strict rules. As had large fortunes and political power of the kingdoms was at stake, this process was guarded with a magnifying glass. However, marriages always performed between noble families as it was easy to continue the lineage and preserve the fortunes. Now rebuild the family history and your family tree is an activity that people do in their spare time, knowing that the origin of each one of us is certainly interesting. Thus we discover the evolution of our family, we see where we came from and what fate had previous generations. At the end, we will understand why we are what we are. To start studying the topic, one must gather all the possible information about your family.

In this case, there is to sit and talk, book and pen in hand, with the relative who knows more family history and which can reconstruct the life of the grandparents. Then you have to review the letters, journals and documents of family members you will find out there. For example, it is important to examine matrimonial proceedings, birth, property titles, school records, anyway. The process requires a very careful reading because this type of materials often find valuable information about the family’s history. If your family practice a religion in particular, there is often a records of marriage, baptism and death of relatives in the churches who frequented. Other valuable sources are government agencies where certificates of births and deaths that can be used to trace the route of the ancestors can be located. The staff of these offices will provide you with a guide.

Another way to fill gaps in family history is by visiting the cemeteries because there are important elements that allow you to deduce who they were spouses, children and parents of their relatives in the tombstones. In addition, many times this examination enables the past clearly seen, because the remains of those who gave us birth they are there, before our eyes. As you can see, recreate your family history and build your genealogy can be a very satisfying process for you. And because there are so many sources of information available return to the past will not be difficult.