General Mobile

Prepaid phone cards in the price offensive, to the benefit of consumers what began as ridiculed alternative to the classic mobile telephony contracts several years ago, is today a fixed size for many mobile users. In addition to the obvious benefits there are especially the always special and prepaid cards that are high in the favour of consumers. The prepaid method is only paid (charged) and then the credit balance can be abtelefoniert. Therefore especially cost-conscious customers, but also teenagers, or General infrequent callers are among the users of this alternative, where the benefits are greater than one would expect it at first glance. Those who opt for a prepaid card, need worry no more monthly fees, minimum sales or contracts. Also, just a first airtime is integrated into the boot package.

The uniform and therefore clear rates for connections are another advantage of prepaid phone cards in Germany. The already very favourable Cost (currently about 8 cents per minute and SMS) can power internal connections (= to the same provider) be reduced again to about 2 cents. A look at the providers of the future interlocutors can save money when purchasing such a card so. If the credit balance on the card is used up, different available ways depending on the provider, to recharge the mobile phone card. This can be done at ATMs, at discount stores or gas stations. In addition, almost all prepaid cards loadable up online, where the individual amounts can vary depending on the provider.

Of course, the biggest mobile phone companies offer all such cards marketed then either with or without a cell phone. Especially popular are the so-called mobile virtual network operator but. In Germany, currently about 35 such providers share the prepaid market, television newspapers and food dealers up to the coffee roaster is everything. A comparison of prepaid cards with regard to network-internal and external per-minute rates, clocking, additional options and on loading options is a must so before buying.