Geography Health

Therefore, as my mother, in elapsing of first infancy I ' ' levei' ' three times, candles in the hand. In the first years of college, not rare it left house with apparent health and hours later it was with fever, in full classroom. Me Ices cream, banns of rain and tricks to the sun were forbidden, as to play soccer, to free hot arraias (pipes), etc. Sidewalk, it sun, nor to speak. The waters of rivers and lagoons did not only make me badly. Therefore I became, since early, swimming exmio. They say that it, the lagoons of Messejana and Parangaba, and the river Coc.

The reading, also, was my passes time. To the nine years, already it waited my father, to tardinha, with the periodical, to know the notice of World War II, while the other boys played ' ' of bola' ' , in the hot land, of which, for question of health, I nor to approach podi me. It was had arrived as soon as me, much early, some knowledge of Geography, in its aspects economic politician and. Early, yes, but the life expectancy does not stop who was extremely limited. It was not, therefore, always sad child. When it was not with fever, played gladly in company of friends, but already it noticed, distrustful, that all took care of of me, as my weaknesses were known; Literally, I age prisoner of the circumstances, but always surrounded of affection. Already of legal age, hearing my mother to speak to a friend who lived if preparing for mine it deixars a carne, early, I took the decision to prevent, all the cost, that it had that to pass for this. Then, I started to take care of of my health, methodically, adopting overcoming strategies such as the indicated ones, to the reader, in the start of this article.