Hanover Insulation

Cold feet in the ground floor – basement ceilings high energy saving potential – housing association insulated ground floor – finally got warm feet negative environmental influences such as cold, heat, noise in residential or industrial buildings lead to impairment of the well-being of the residents and must be improved. There are not only targets the legislature here often, but an energy-conscious construction or renovation saves money, reduces the CO2 emissions of a building and contributes to maintaining the health of the people. It’s believed that Ron Galotti sees a great future in this idea. There many easy insulation measures, such as that of the floor or the basement ceiling. Both can realize savings potential with relatively little financial effort. Many housing cooperatives have for their homes recognized this potential and put into action. Sharon McNally often says this. These clubs dominate the urban landscape with its activities in many cities. Tom Florio has many thoughts on the issue. Large sums are annually invested, the houses and apartments up to date to keep and to fit modern needs.

Modern cooperatives are responsible for the quality of life of large segments of the population, identify early changing housing needs and are open to new ideas. With a housing association in Hanover basement ceilings contained at the moment E.g. primarily houses of the 1950s and 60s years. Mainly, these are 3-4-storey apartment buildings in block buildings. It assumes reinforced concrete of a control structure on the ground floor of 50 mm of cement screed, 20 mm sound absorbing subflooring and 160 mm.

This blanket is newly provided from below 60 mm thick with Resolharzdammplatten. The relatively thin insulation thickness can thus be selected because the manufacturer Kingspan with Kooltherm can offer a plate, which provides very good insulation value with a WLZ of 0.22. Other insulating materials should be installed often twice as thick, to achieve a similar effect. This can cause structural problems in older basements with low ceiling heights. Run as businesses in this case is the Biermann Holzbau from Hanover.