Health And Inflammation

The health and the education nowadays go united in our social context, in such degree that can offer very approximate values of the quality and well-being of our society. The vision of our population with respect to triada: health, disease and culture, always are marked by the culture in which we are immersed and the received education. The present cultural diversity demands, still more, to strive in deciphering the symbolic codes used by the external patients to our own culture, with so knowing its needs real health. In addition, always we must have present like personal future of infirmary, the risk of categorising like medical problems, situations that simply can correspond to problematic of another nature: economic, social, cultural or educative. The intervention and some times the intrusion of the medicine and my respect by the profession in scopes that are not to him own is with too much frequency a very own individual yet characteristic of our time. This eagerness to put remedies where sometimes they can be unnecessary, contributes to practice corrective measures of health in imbalances that they have a foundation of sociocultural character. A suitable communication could be to help in the diagnoses and the subjective interpretation of the symptoms that the patient presents/displays, while their sociocultural shades are analyzed.

By these reasons, it is necessary to realise a effort leg to include/understand the contexts regarding the health and beliefs of other cultures, as well as to distance to us of our referring cultural ones of the West. Only thus, we will be able to observe the patients of one more a more objective way and to value them as a whole, All cultural knowledge is obtained at two levels, one general and another specific one. In a general level, the sanitary professional understands that the culture, the ethnic group, the race and the same process of the emigration can affect the acquisition of values, to the way to approach the personal problems or the disease, to the social and professional relations, the vision emic of the society and its customs.