Health Salts

Schussler salts keep our health in the balance of our body is made up of mineral salts. The supply to the body’s cells is disturbed, it comes to diseases, the mineral balance is disturbed. A variety can be treated with the 12 salts, discovered by Dr. Schussler everyday complaints and diseases on simple but effective way and that also have virtually no risk. The homeopath Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler discovered the biochemical healing method that sprung from the homeopathy mid-19th century. He found out that a total of only twelve salts are able to cure almost all diseases. These salts are still today as “Schussler salts” known and are employed by many people successfully for preventive purposes as well as for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases.

Basically it is salts the Schussler mineral salts that act as if regularly taken, to compensate for a lack of minerals in the body’s cells. According to Dr. Thing view is the source of any disease in the imbalance of minerals in the individual cells of the people. To be able to manufacture a mineral balance, these minerals are required to just the body. However the mineral salts can not be in its original form, so that Safari developed a homeopathic method for the direct inclusion of salts by the cells.

The once new procedure is still called “Exponentiation” and describes a strong dilution of mineral salts, which allows for a transition from the stomach into the blood and the body’s cells. Schussler salts are available without a prescription in pharmacies and are ingested as tablets. Due to lactose based Safari tablets, many users however rely on the income in the form of drops or globules. Also in the treatment of children, it is advisable to use globules. Some time before the meal taken leave the tablets/drops/globules in the mouth, so that they can collect in the mucous membranes. Then the funds can be swallowed. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler discovered twelve mineral salts, which are also known as so-called working medium. These funds considered the true Schussler salts in today’s conception. However fifteen more mineral salts, developed by a student of thing until after the death of the great biochemist as a remedy to be added. Who wants salts will find an introduction to the Safari but just start using the popular biochemical means, should initially review relevant literature or but good advice by an experienced practitioner. For every disease and every person there is an individual treatment that partially can differ widely from patient to patient depending on the initial situation, symptoms and history.