Health Tourism

Year after year, cosmetic surgery clinics increase a way unstoppable and exhaustive worldwide, though they have also grown, though at slower pace, clinics focused on the health tourism, especially in Europe. In the Netherlands is one of the most renowned medical hospitals internationally, as it is the clinic MCL (Center doctor Leeuwarden). A huge team consisting of doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and practically most of the professions necessary for any ailment you may have can be treated and cured in a short period of time. Why this hospital, the MCL, has become to the Netherlands one of the capitals of the medical tourism from throughout the European Community. This Center is qualified to perform operations related to gynaecology, diseases of the heart, diseases of the skin, a Department of Oncology for treating cancer, and they even have urologists. In addition, not only is is intended for health tourism, but that It also offers a limited range of aesthetic treatments for people seeking the aesthetic tourism.

They can thus make a facelift, liposuction and Rhinoplasty. If you are looking for other types of treatments do not worry, because the hospital is renewed many times throughout the season to include new operations in its medical offerings. At the end of the previous year you began doing eye surgeries and many beauty treatments facial surgery-related. Their next challenges are to include plastic surgery such as breast implants. For music lovers, this European country provides the opportunity of attending many festivals that are made throughout the year, although the most famous of them is the festival of electronic music from Amsterdam during the month of August, with more than 700 artists from many different nationalities.Join a medical tourism of quality with the best music on the planet.