The true desires of tourists we experience it again and again. The holiday was beautiful, so beautiful. But he was also something special or even unique. Well, because opinions differ already. Clearly, it has become difficult at the present time. Both as a guest on the holiday market with its thousands (mostly yet again similar) offers to get. On the other hand, also the hotelier to stand out immense difficulties has to be very unique and thus found. However simply but also costly, the extension of the wellness temple to an additional 500 square meters now 3000 m2 is total.

Always one more than the competition and that of course in many areas (breadth and depth at the breakfast, room size, exotic offerings such as far eastern meditation spaces in the Thai style). But all this is really useful and necessary? What are the true desires of tourists? “Individualization and personalization value consciousness, experience orientation, digital lifestyle, health”, say the Future researchers, are the key elements in the 21 century. Therefore is the vacation of tomorrow (but the century, the morning has begun already!) to take, you want to be not “lost” as a provider into consideration. And precisely in this hack hit numerous medium-sized hotels in the Alps. However with some customization and adaptation needs. But the crux of the matter is: manageable structures with personal family leadership, honest (other international) (changed) when the occurrence, with much attention to detail (personality), sustainable (regionalism) and focused on the essentials. The guest is the focus.

He wants with the tourist offer are included or even this fashion; He cries out for active activity in the great outdoors, he estimates that familiar (home of close to), has another and others to get to know but also the need (erlebnis – and social-oriented). Ultimately he wants to simply “feel accepted” (I, value) and grow. That does not fit all in anonymous tracts of beds with connected pet Department. It requires “Holiday heart”: a simple natural smile, a friendly greeting, a plausch in good company and much more. Many little things, subtle, but with a twist, the special. Simple, but already very “unique”.