All always we want, or at least we would have to want to do of this better world one. The ethics is something that to many people forgets to them or decides to put it to a side and does of its lives without her, damaging to the world and other people. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Fields has to say. When we decided to invest our money in investment funds, we cannot leave to a side our ethics, moral and civismo. To speculate, to lie and to manipulate are three of the most common actions when it is investment funds, nevertheless is not the correct thing. We must maintain an education and ethics because thus not only desire you, but gain all.

Often it is difficult to punish or to penalize the ethics absence when it is investment funds, nevertheless, cases have occurred where yes some acts can be raked and you can be put in problems. It is necessary to be careful, because the money handling can be returned something ambitious and the investment through investment funds is not free. Sometimes it is easy to fall to gain a little more in the short term, but in the long term you are only arriesgndote a meterte in legal problems and not only to lose your investment but even to lose it everything. Decdete to invest your patrimony to engrandecer it in investment funds, but always ethics..