Jogging For Health

Jogging is a form of leisure sports, the endurance and physical strength of the body to increase, strengthens the cardiovascular system and thus prevent disease. In order to be able to jog without pain, you should consult their doctor before beginning the training, to see if it is suitable for running training at all. This is especially important when a sport was driven previously. The doctor has expressed no reservations can be started with the training. First, the equipment essential. A matching shoe is initially the most important thing. Not just the shoe size but also the joint support and cushioning quality should be suitable. These properties are optimized for a personal consultation for you. In some stores will run on this treadmill analysis, no one must, but not unimportant is the right clothing. There are, for example, functional underwear, which will be of comfort. Ordinary clothing made of cotton but also fulfills its purpose and absorbs the sweat, but it starts quickly on the skin. gluing Also not a requirement, but is a useful heart rate monitor. With their help, we can estimate the physical workload. So now it is properly equipped for the training, one begins with the so-called interval training. This one starts with only a few minutes to run and then go some time. Suitable for this purpose would be two minutes walk and walk for a minute. Depending on the load, the interval is repeated several times. It should be painfully close attention to the fact that his body is not overtaxed. Over time, the intervals can be increased. With increasing training will reflect the terms longer and shorter walking times. The first goal is to run 30 minutes long to be. Make sure that you could easily carry a conversation while running, this is not possible, you run too fast. Also important for a successful training course is that you train at least two times per week, but we should also at least two recovery days, or when problems started even more. Insert