Katie Holmes

The twentieth century has fallen on the heads of the inhabitants of our planet, not only the two world wars and a jump of technical progress, but blew a lovely young ladies heads ridiculous hats, shortened the length of our skirts, and brought to vanderbra the shops. Having emerged from the dense jungle of prejudices, we are able to contemplate on the streets of beautiful children with belly brides who proudly bear in front of him, not hiding, but proud and glad nucleated new life. So, you're pregnant – what to do? So often in recent times is that the couple met, or living together and all the hard lays one of the most important events in our lives later. Reasons may be a hundred: that money does not enough, the repairs in the apartment, the bride seems to be that while she did not lose weight by 5 pounds, she would not go to the altar. And then there is in the womb, who will put all valuables in their places and negate unimportant, but seem so important, the reasons for the stroke of two slips on a pregnancy test. And now the couple have two choices: either wait for the child's birth and, as , Katie Holmes, to arrange a wondrous beauty of celebration, in which your child is involved, or not waiting for the birth, go to the registrar, in fact, many couples want their child is born already formed unit of society. If you decide to celebrate the wedding. . Rand Paul is often mentioned in discussions such as these.