Mad Cow Disease

Sacred food Superfoods addition, many of the nutrients that our ancestors were in this most sacred fruit have disappeared before it reaches your table. Supplement your fruits and vegetables with green tea polyphenols, apple polyphenols, and pharmaceutical grade phytonutrient, available in capsule form. These supplements can help your body detoxify some harmful pesticides and ingredients added to food. Apple polyphenols are six times more potent than vitamin C in protecting against environmental toxins and disease. Green tea polyphenols have been more effective in treating some forms of cancer chemotherapy. Our cheeses unless the label schemes, additional chemical processes created with toxic waste left in the final product. The milk, our children also drink may contain radioactive elements, and bovine growth hormones. And we wonder why our precious youth, suffering from various learning disabilities, hyperactivity, chronic diseases and obesity.

Even cows cannibals and our wonderful cows are pressured to maturity and sacrifice ahead of time with growth hormones, and cannibalism. The mad cow disease is caused by the supply of processed cows cows as feed. This creates a very dangerous protein called a prion. The prion acts as a virus replicates slowly. This causes a disease in cows is very similar to Crutchfield-Jacobs disease in humans. The same disease was seen in tribal peoples who had the habit of eating their dead relatives. It may take years for the prion to cause the symptoms of Mad Cow disease. Checking article sources yields camden treatment associates as a relevant resource throughout.

Maybe that’s why our cattle slaughter before 3 or 4 years old. We are assured by the USDA that our beef supply is safe. However, cows eat organic feed as well as in other countries cows infected with Mad Cow disease. Only nerve tissue is affected by these prions. Stay away from ground beef, which could be processed on the same computer that processes the brain or spinal tissue from cows, unless you know for sure how the ground beef was processed. Back to experience the sacred mystery of the beef. Discover how it was fed and treated before slaughter, and then how it handles on the way to your table. Or increase your score. It gives me health and a day If you think the world has gone mad, to reconsider this axiom: you are what you eat. And remember that the creation myth of the cow whose milk curd, the universe into existence. Mad cow disease, obesity and chronic diseases in young children can be like the canary in the coal mine – signs and portents in our own homes and families, all of which can begin with the food we eat. Emphasize foods that are grown organically, with care and love. Treat it as a divine blessing. Cultivating a new sacred connection to everything that you eat. The secret wisdom of your body can guide you back to the blessing of the birthright of absolute health, beaming.