Magazine Notebook

The city with all rigidity of its disciplines finished losing many internal inhabitants and also had the lack of the presence it proper Yokaanam Master. With the exit of many young, all the functioning of the farm entered in crisis reducing the food production. The number of workers that already totalized 1000 more than, today adds 207. The loss of heart has taken some workers to leave the city. Currently the city is a tourist point of the city and other people who look to cure spiritual.

In the weekends, the number of visitors comes close it 500 people. A bus line makes three daily trips of the Saint Antonio Discovered for the Eclectic City. Of morning and afternoon, a bus that comes of Brasilia passing for Pretty Waters, passes in front of city. In June the junina party that happens in the city congregates the integrant ones of the others branch offices located in Anpolis, Rio De Janeiro and also the ones that are in other countries as Paraguay and Argentina. At the first moment, the people who inhabited next the city saw it with diffidence, there for she disciplines existing and the simple fact of the alcoholic beverage prohibition in its area. With passing of the time, the medical attendance that the city offered, excusing consultations, remedies and internments, had created a bond of friendship with the local community.

The State contributes with resources of the SUS for the hospital of the city making with that this attendance if also extended the come patients of distant places. Professionals of fitoterapia manipulate grass producing boiled musts and pomadas and some remedies are charged the cost price. As for the health, nothing it is made aiming at the profit. The pupils who attend a course average education are banked by the city hall of the city, a bus take the students until the city of Saint Discovered Antonio. Who arrives in the city, the organization is frightened with its constructions and. city today is part of the history of Central Plateaus. Although so not to be known the peregrination, it marked the history of many people who had lived there.