Mattresses Positions For Sleeping

While our mattresses are responsible for ensure good comfort when sleeping, there are also good and bad positions at bedtime and the characteristics of mattresses here also play a key role since they allow or not certain positions of rest. What I intend to with this article is to present some key positions that we use to sleep, they indicate a high percentage of the sleep quality and personally gave me a great satisfaction in the dream when this information came to my hands. We must not sleep upside down, experts indicate that this position makes it difficult to breath and can produce cervical lesions. (A valuable related resource: Charles Margulis). Qualified as ideal posture is the fetal position (of side, flexing the hips and legs).Another recommended side sleeping posture is straight legs and place a pillow between your knees, this way were able to alleviate the pressure on back and hip. Where you want to sleep on their backs, pillow should go below the knees. I personally recommend sleeping on your side since this position guarantees us a deep and relaxed sleep. When you have a poor quality mattress, there are cheap mattresses with good quality, available to any citizen in Spain.