Medical Wipes

Sterility and gippoalergennost products – is the minimum that we can expect from the manufacturers of medical wipes. If they are designed not only to protect our clothing and skin from contamination (for example, in the treatment of teeth), then fore demands antiseptics. Wet wipes used, for example, to care for seriously ill patients with urinary and fecal incontinence, should not only good to clean the skin from the remnants of excrement, but also contain substances able to prevent proliferation of pathogenic bacteria that may remain on the skin the patient. Well, if a member who impregnated wipes, are substances that caring for the skin, soothing and mitigating it. The repeated use of disposable wet wipes is unacceptable, as it may harm the health of the patient. By "dry" medical napkins that are used in less spectacular circumstances, requirements also very high.

Nobody wants to visit a dentist after covered with a rash. Napkins for patients who are dentists that saliva does not impinge on the patient's clothes, are in the process of examination and treatment dangerously close to the exterior of the respiratory patient. Cloth, made of poor-quality raw materials, for example, may cause an asthma attack. Unfortunately, dental care – it is very difficult, and keep track of why the patient suddenly began to choke, the doctor is very difficult. Allergic reactions usually written off to the drugs introduced to the patient. And in this case is over. A man convinced that he must attack procaine (The drug, which in fact does not carry a lot of people).