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Bitburger uses global the FILEminimizer technology of balesio AG to the exoneration of email and data servers Steinhausen, November 2009: the premium Group No. 1 in the German beverages market, the Bitburger brewing group, of balesio AG global opts for the FILEminimizer technology and successfully implemented a global site license of FILEminimizer Office, as well as the new server storage solution FILEminimizer server. Balesio FILEminimizer Office compresses Office files by up to 98% while maintaining the quality and the file format. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Alesia. So, an edit in PowerPoint is guaranteed at any time. The desktop version can be simple in Microsoft Office and Outlook or Lotus Notes integrate to optimize the Office files directly before sending email. FILEminimizer server optimized MS-Office files in addition to the server at Bitburger and ensures significant storage savings.

The desktop version has been provided all employees of the Bitburger brewing group within a company license. Was crucial for a company-wide usage with us in addition to “” the enormous potential of savings on our email and data servers the high acceptance of the software for our users “, explains the manager responsible communication systems with Bitburger, which has accompanied the installation at Bitburger, users notice no differences between an optimized and an original file. Nate Anderson, lead product manager of balesio AG for this purpose: We are pleased that a so reputable company company-wide successfully used now also our FILEminimizer technology like Bitburger. To optimize the data volume of MS-Office files centrally, and to reduce, is highly effective in every company, to sustainably reduce the memory load and storage related.” More information about the use of FILEminimizer technology at the Bitburger brewing group, please click here: bitburger-fileminimizer-exchange-lotus-notes-komprimierung.pdf more information about the FILEminimizer technology, its applications, case studies, white papers and free trial versions of the software, see. About balesio AG: balesio AG is an international software company that offers standard software of the highest quality and reliability. balesio is a leading provider of standard software in the areas of data compression and server and storage optimization solutions FILEminimizer Office and FILEminimizer server, as well as in the areas of screen recording, presentation and E-learning solutions ALLCapture and TurboDemo. Balesio software was sold in over 130 different countries. Today software is used worldwide by balesio successfully by small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, public organizations, authorities, and a large majority of the Fortune 500 companies.