Munich Shah

Fans contact with an open letter to the public which has cancelled the shows led not only to the disappointment of the fans, but also to one of the Internet public-run battle between the local organizer SensAsian Media Ltd. and the Organizer red chillies international limited. The current development of this dispute has prompted the fans of Shah Khan Rukh to turn in which they urge the parties to carry out this debate not on the back of the fans with an open letter to the public and to respect this wish. At the same time, they express their loyalty for the Bollywoodstar Shah Rukh Khan. “Open letter open letter of the Shah Rukh Khan fans to the rejection of temptation reloaded shows in Germany, we, the fans of Mr Shah Rukh Khan, distance us hereby explicitly by the mud battle ruling currently on the Internet”, which due to the rejection of temptation reloaded 2008 concerts in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt from both parties publicly held. We are horrified about that and how we are forced to take a stand, us face with contract internals and settlement details, and are done so at the mercy of both parties. Hereby, emphatically, we would urge both sides, not publicly, but through their lawyers to carry out their legal differences and expect that our concerns of all parties are respected. We expressly indicate that we now only very loyal person and his work behind Mr Shah Rukh Khans and he is always sincerely welcome pages of fans in Germany. Sincerely the fans information and contact see: by Kerstin Bergelt (