Obesity is the increase in body weight over 15% of the normal value, and corresponds to the increase in body fat. Should be noted that 15% of adult Spaniards is obese, and 37 per cent suffer from overweight, by the caul, our society must have a new tendency to lose weight. Overweight and obesity are associated with different disorders such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Thus, a ratio or index waist/hip greater than 0.95 cm male and 0.80 cm in women is associated with an increase in cardiovascular risk and diabetes. The causes of obesity are many, genetic factors, lifestyle, disorders of the nervous system, the endocrine system), the most frequent is located in the sobreingesta of food and calories. The body constantly uses fat for its function but if there is a higher intake of calories that the body spends, this excess accumulates in the form of fat. The practice of exercise for weight loss is an important role in the reduction of overweight.

Its aim is twofold: maintain muscle tone and increase energy expenditure. Physical activity that takes place in everyday life, is not enough to put and keep our bodies in shape and lose weight, therefore, must find ways to increase that physical activity and a great solution is continuous exercise with vibrating platform and a proper diet. Different studies have shown that vibrating platforms, in conjunction with a proper diet, contribute to reduce body fat and lose weight. Vibrations Act by stimulating blood circulation, stimulating the Elimination of toxins and increasing the basal metabolic rate, that increase the burning of fat. Through the vibrations that provides a vibrating platform, comes more blood and oxygen to the areas of the body with the highest concentration of fatty tissue so you get burn fat in a way more quickly and efficiently. As result of the activity of the muscle mass by vibration, increases the percentage of muscle mass, which increases the metabolism of the fats (even at rest). It is advisable to practice cardiovascular exercise (run, bike, etc.) after the session with the vibrating platform to burn off the fat that has just been release.

Vibrations produce an increase in mobility of the lymph, as well as a stimulation of the lymph nodes, with which the use of vibration platforms is indicated for people with fluid retention. This demonstrated, the regular use of the vibrating platform, help lose weight and shaping the silhouette. The vibration platform consists of a series of pre-set programs for burning calories and excess body fat. These programs are classified to men or women, and for an initial or intense level. In turn, programs are overall thinning or thinning according to specific areas of the body such as upper limbs, trunk, waist-hip and buttocks.