Office Administrator

Are you looking for a good trained Office administrator? If Yes, then this is your quest for a competent, aufschliessen end, finished flexible, orderly and courteous young office clerk. I have completed a full education as an office clerk with the General University entrance qualification in the sector with good success. Was a 3-month internship in my training. I finished it with a very good result. The employees and the managers were always with my performance to harmony.

A work certificate to attest to it. Were provide with the necessary commercial knowledge. However, I must admit that I am in accounting in terms of cost and performance computing isn’t the best. Should be essential this area for the authority, I am of course ready to minimize my problems of cost and performance accounting, so that I can work successfully. I got my degree with the grade “satisfactory”.

Please note that with only 1 point to the grading had lacked “good”. Got my vocational diploma I the rated received “satisfactory”. At the time, I work in a Bank (account management) about a working company. I would like to work in a company such as yours. I am adaptable and a your company may be worth gold dust. If you want to learn more about my person and my qualifications my email address is – I’m looking forward to an email with a date to the get to know you. Sebastian Bahr