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Below I present a fresh idea to use leftover chicken to prepare a healthy recipe for dinner. Salad of cabbage and chicken seasoned changes tasteless salad of lettuce for this delicious and crispy chicken recipe for dinner which is also good for you! 1 chicken breast cooked and deshebrada 1 bag of 400 grams of salad of cabbage 1/8 Cup vinegar white 1/8 Cup Italian dressing without fat 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning 1 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoons sliced almonds mix all ingredients and enjoy it! Well, there are approximately 180 calories per cup of salad. Three recipes that will taste you rich recipes of chicken for dinner will take not away long time or will leave your kitchen made a mess, moreover the benefits of eating at home are good for your body and your wallet! When you use a little creativity and make excellent shopping for weight loss, your cabinets will be full of food natural and delicious for cooking at home. So, enters the kitchen and have fun! It may take you some time get used to having the right ingredients on hand. You may have to make some changes to your routine, but at least you’ll know exactly what’s in your food when you prepare it. You know that it is clean.

You know that it is healthy. It is worth to do that little effort on your part, especially when you are that is reaping the rewards! Combined with a good diet, I have always said that a good exercise program is essential to make you feel and see you the best. Remember that you can share this material with all your friends… On Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Do you wish more information? Click here: I want more Inofrmacion! I’m here to keep you slim, strong and healthy of exercises.