Pectoral Muscles

If the bench above 45 degrees, the focus shifts from the load pectoral muscles in the delta. Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. When: At the beginning of training the chest. After the rod presses on the bench with the tilt up and do dumbbell bench press with dumbbells while lying breeding. How much: 3-4 sets 6-12 repetitions. Sports With a positive angle bench, the entire load is focused on the upper chest, separating and expanding the site. When you press a barbell on a bench with a slope upward, the muscle torso and hands with nearly as well as in the javelin throw, when throwing the ball with two hands on his chest in basketball, direct blow in boxing, pushing away the opponent with both hands at rugby. 9.

Inflate the pectoral muscle: Mid, bottom and upper chest / best base exercise to build mass and strength breast Technique Lie on the horizontal bar so that the neck rod was directly above my head. Head, shoulders and buttocks are pressed to the bench, his back slightly arched (rounded) in the lumbar region, feet wider than shoulders and rest on the floor. Grasp the bar wide grip on top (palms away from you), the distance between your hands wider than shoulders. Remove the stem, with a focus and squeeze it up. At the top of the arm straight (but not locked in elbows), and the neck rod is directly above the middle of the chest. This is the starting position.