Physiotherapist Sylvia Borboni

In accordance with the Physiotherapist Sylvia Borboni, the ideal is that the work is carried through with individual attendance the considered patient. ' ' Exactly that they exist more patient in a room, attention to the person with SD must be strengthened so that has supported to equilbrio' '. METHODOLOGY was made a bibliographical search in articles, books and other periodic ones in the period of June of 2009 the June of 2010, and that it has as boarded subject, the relation of the fisioterapia and the carrier of the syndrome of Down as well as its characteristics and the fruits of this relation that for signal is sufficiently harmonious. Then an analysis of the studies of these works was made all, and of a global form they had been congregated in an only work giving has detached to the main benefits of the fisioterapia for the carrier of the syndrome of Down. CONCLUSION With the basement in the carried through revision of these articles, had been observed the barriers that possess the children with SD, and that the used forms of treatment in these children, added with the familiar inclusion improve in some points the life of these carriers, brightening up its main difficulties, as it was seen in the precocious stimulation, where the system of neural plasticity are seen an improvement, a development, becoming it of total importance for the global development of these children. The practical one of the parents how much to the question of some of the used exercises in the therapy of these children, they can serve of learning thus to be applied in day-by-day of these children, thus making repetitions of an independent form, the appointed exercises. This assistencial form the children, to execute the voluntary and automatic motor movements, serve to stimulate the mechanisms of plasticity of the SNC, that is, capacity of the central nervous system to adapt themselves functionally structural or to the reply to the ambient demands, and to contribute for the learning of that specific function.