Polyethylene Equipment

First of all you need to buy equipment, you can convert the pellets LDPE or HDPE bags in ready. You will need the following items: extruder – to production arm of the granules, the unit for cutting and sealing film cuts (so packets do not get no bottom), possibly cutting machines, which will make bags T-shirt and some accessories. Thanks to the great flexibility of the equipment, you will be able to offer our customers a good range of plastic products of different sizes and microns. You may be tempted to allow your order to manufacture plastic bags with the logo of a major commercial network, but I should warn you against this. For drawing pictures of the finished products require expensive equipment for flexographic, because I do not recommend starting the production of HDPE with a logo package immediately after opening the business. The cost of all necessary equipment will be 50-60 thousand dollars, if we choose domestic or imported second-hand machines. For production of plastic bags used beads of polyethylene of high and low pressure, as well as polypropylene, which, however, is much less common.

Of course, the use of recycled feedstock polyethylene enough economically justified, however, due to its high content of toxic substances in the finished product, the use of such packets for food purposes is strictly prohibited. It is clear that all above machines still need to be put somewhere. The area needed space – 100-150 square feet, and the optimal ceiling height of 10 meters. Try to find a place that provides safe isolation from unpleasant smells and excessive moisture, if you want your products have attractive jobs potrebitelya.Sozdaem Do not forget to find employees for your department. It is not necessary to save on your salary workers first – because most staff turnover will bring you much greater losses than high zarplaty.Rynok sales of plastic bags Polyethylene bags wholesale manufacturing facilities will be required to packaging of finished products. I hope that the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this article will allow you to correctly assess risks and to accept the right decision.