Porto Alegre

is accurately the holy ghost Master who shows the urgent necessity of the integration of the human being to the holy ghost, of the creature to the Creator in the field of the relations social in its full, including, total direction. Thus the Right to the Light of the Perpetual Life, under the criterion of the World Superior Spiritual, will perfect justice in the Land, because the human being will be integrated the Celestial Father. Here it is the way that we are helping you to cover. HOW IT IS SUPPORTED? Since that the world is world, already spent innumerable statistical arguments, until scientific, substances in periodicals and magazines and hours without end of commentaries in radio senders, television and Internet to speak on account of the threats to the reproductive freedom of the woman of the indices of abortions verified in Brazil. The ghost would be one ‘ ‘ it uncontrols of the woman on its proper sexuality’ ‘ , a business that nobody knows right what it is nor as if supports, but they say that he is very dangerous.

The woman has right to make of its body what to understand well since that makes what is of its biological nature: to have children, if to desire, and not to have them, to if planning. The objective of quarrel is to defend, and not to threaten the right of the feminine sort to its body, but to remember that the unborn child also has right the life. If it left to come, it defends, it protects well, it takes care of, with affection. If had planning, which the drama? If it did not plan, the responsibility of the gestation prevails. In the Millenium of the Women, article published in the periodical the South, of Porto Alegre /RS, in 04 of March of 2008, wrote Paiva Netto: ‘ ‘ The woman, the side formoso of the humanity, is in the foundation of all the deep accomplishments.

What physically she materialize in them one meets in it. Components of the feminine sort constitute vital element for the survival of the good causes. Steady organizations count on women estveis’ ‘. the biggest test of that the woman is owner of its body is in the fact of that many had opted to not having children, and if they notabilizaram as the defending greaters of the human rights in the whole world, generating children for its performance in the field of literature, science, the social assistance, of religion, to generate children of its extraordinary professional ability. It does not have exit; to abort is to assassinate.