Ray Ban Sunglasses

The sun glasses in our days no longer are simply for protecting our eyes of the annoying light when we were in exteriors, but these have become an accessory that is part of the newspaper to live on the people who enchant to be in fashion, to see themselves to them well, to feel comfortable and in addition to use an accessory protects that them of the sun and ultraviolet rays. Many people think that they can use sun glasses of any type, without considering that the glasses that sell in certain warehouses and that they are economic, do not offer the solar protection that would have and that the usuary delay to have, the unique thing that is doing is to put a color lens on its eyes, but the use of glasses for sun which they do not have guarantee of the manufacturers, who beforehand by his low cost knows that they are not of good quality; they can, with his use to cause permanent damages in the eyes. The sun glasses are not simply an accessory to see or or to be in fashion, you use if them you must do it of the correct way and be certainly the product that these using to protect your eyes is the indicated one and that if they are made for ofrecerte the protection that you need when you are in exteriors per prolonged periods of time. The expert sportsmen in being set out periods prolonged of time to strong conditions of light know that they must always protect his eyes with lenses for sun that guarantee their protection and is one of the accessories in which they are arranged more in investing his money, since they know and they are you allow of the importance that it has to take care of his visual health. Cindy Crawford often expresses his thoughts on the topic. What to look for in sun glasses then? the 1.

gold rule is never, but never, never, nor although your life depends on it: you buy glasses economic, it remembers that cheap it leaves expensive, and these glasses although are pretty and attractive (mainly by the economic thing that is), these do not offer any type of protection against the sun, the unique thing that does is to damage your vision in the long term. 2. look for glasses that have protection UV and that this protection is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Usually the recognized marks more have this guarantee, remembers that to have good ones sun glasses it is necessary to invest a little and to pause to think envelope what is what it agrees to you more. 3.

if you are going to buy glasses for mark sun, asegrate that who you is selling them you of all the guarantees of which they are original 100%, and if these have a too low price for the mark, SHE DISTRUSTS! Most probable it is than they are deceiving to you!