Recycling Chips

World consumption of the metal is growing so fast that its production can not meet growing needs, which in turn leads to shortages and high prices of raw materials. In this regard, it becomes economic attractive this type of waste such as metal shavings. To make the processing of metal chips must be a profitable business with problems such as poor quality, clogging chips, etc. All quite easily solved by technology of deep primary processing chip, which consists of several stages. First stage: long grinding drain twisted chip-to-bulk state.

Chips becomes suitable for further processing, while the volume occupied by the chip is reduced by several times, so at times reduces the cost of cargo handling and transportation. Used for grinding different types of : knife, rotary, hammer, etc. They all have as their positive and negative sides. For example, hammer mills with high performance is very sensitive to contamination original chips of various solid objects and end scrap (or in contact with solid objects they fail). In single roller likely emergency stops due to shavings clogging the gap between the grid and the rotor, and subsequent seizure. Mnogovalkovye crushers at work have a rapid wear of the cutting edges, therefore, require frequent regrinding knives. To clean the chips from residual coolant separators used coolant. Equipment for processing metal chips used individually, performing a specific function in processing chips, and in As part of an integrated processing lines. The main links of such systems include: crusher, grinding, serving for chips, centrifuge to separate the residual coolant and briquetting press for bonded briquettes. Such an approach kompeksny most profitable.