Resumes And Programs

Belo Horizonte – MG the 2012 construction of the resumes and programs of the schools of Brazil suffered great external influence. What it caused the vertical construction, dominated for ideas and models of knowledge transference and contents not adjusted the Brazilian reality. A consensus does not exist enters the authors on which a better form of if to mount a pertaining to school resume nor which is its objective and so little the consequncias of influence external in the construction of the Brazilian pertaining to school resumes. The great question is: how to evaluate a pertaining to school resume? To understand the evolution of the pertaining to school resumes in Brazil it is essential to analyze its origins and its development. From century XX, middle years 20 and 30, is that it is started to organize the Brazilian pertaining to school resumes from the implantation of the universities. Very also in function of the economic transformations, social, occured ideological politics and in the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX. According to Moreira (1990, p.81) ' ' The pedagogical literature of the time reflected the ideas proposals for American authors associates to the pragmatismo and the theories elaborated for diverse authors europeus' '. However, Brazil adopted an established tecnicista position in the educational system American north.