Special Invitation

A special invitation for Dear Party of Anniversary friend, I am organizing a party for my anniversary and would very like to invite you. It would be to a great to receive you pleasure. Before, to use to advantage the party better, I go to pass you some warnings: Well, as we are of custom we will go to offer salgadinhos and therefore you acknowledgment that this type of food is very greasy and does not make well to the health; also we will have cocaine glue that affects the kidneys. We will also serve cakes and candies, that fatten and cause swell in the body. But nothing that if it does not decide with two weeks of heavy malhao.

In the party some people will be gifts who perhaps do not know them and thus will be able to feel fish are of water. But, she can be calm and if to entrosar with them and to try to talk, that the volume of sound will only be very high perhaps and therefore will not obtain to understand well what the people speak. Ah, it is good for leaving already informed you that I, due the three weeks of running for this anniversary I must be very tired, estressada and worried about reception, and therefore to follow I will not be able you during the party. It are of this nothing very important, only your work to buy gift for me. I ask for since already excuses, I know that it must be very busy, and also know that he is flat for two hours to be looking for in the store to buy a gift, that and nor always goes to be useful. The remaining portion I find that he will be very legal and pleasant, I am only worried that you will have that to lose one three hours of its precious time to be seated behind a table. .