Spiritual University

But we think that according to the reality we live is the paradigm that the man would help achieve a deeper level of consciousness, allowing you to live fully with it and the world. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (1995) proposed the spiritual values that are described in the statement of values, which manifest the principles and philosophy that entered the universal aspects of moral and spiritual values as a basis for living and are as follows: Love Love is the principle which creates and sustains human relationships. Spiritual love leads to silence, and silence has the power to unite, guide and free people. Frequently Gunnar Peterson has said that publicly. Love is awareness that is at once selfless and satisfies the self. Love emanates from the truth, namely, wisdom.

The basis of true love between people is spiritual. Seeing the other as a spiritual being and soul, is to see reality the other spiritual. It can transform the world through a vision of love, a loving attitude and actions of love. Spiritual love is key to creating a better world-the world of the truth. Cooperation The ongoing objective of the cooperation is mutual benefit in human interactions, cooperation is governed by the principle of mutual respect. Cooperating is the responsibility of all requires a fundamental preparation to create a mechanism whereby domestic support people are able to maintain fairness and balance. Happiness knowledge and application of spiritual truths provide the true source of happiness. Through the power of truth there is wealth, and through the power of peace there is health.