Svetlana Child

That is, he will tell you if you are doing something wrong. Vulnerability Svetlana was detached placenta, and most of the pregnancy she spent in the hospital, at a saving. Births were prolonged, the child was a short umbilical cord. The kid had to push. Its posted on his stomach, but my mother started bleeding, so attached to the boy's chest was not possible. In three years child diagnosed with hyperexcitability due to intrauterine hypoxia and birth. " The boy is scared to take up something, if it considers that it is difficult.

He was very emotional and vulnerable children. Council Psychologist: together with your child step by step plan of action for the job, breaking a large task into parts, for each result, even the most insignificant, encourage, praise. Then the child will be much easier to handle, he will get positive emotions from an assignment, to enjoy his success, and in future not to be afraid of large and complex cases. Comment: Indeed, so sensitive kiddies psychologically difficult to digest a lot of people. They need to plan ahead for situations to stimulate to action, noting the slightest shazhochki, any manifestation of independence.

Such a child may be raised anxiety sensitivity. He definitely need support of a neurologist or a homeopath. Baby can be difficult to break away from his mother (because the umbilical cord, then there is a connection with her mom, was short). But mom can be difficult to "let go" Child. In such situations, at a reception at the psychologist is working with a sense of guilt and anxiety, moms and, of course, the condition of the child.