Concluding, the results gotten in this study are in compliance with other presented works. The ofdicos accidents still constitute a problem of public health in Brazil. Word-key: Epidemiologia, Serpents, Ofidsmo, Bothrops, Crotalus, Micrurus. INTRODUCTION ofidsmo is a form of accident for peonhenta serpent that possesss toxin capable to cause damages in human beings and animal. In the tropical countries, where herpetofauna ofdica is numerous, I constituted one of the problems of public health, had to the high number of occurrences.

Brazil presents a rich ofdica fauna with approximately 300 species, being that the majority is considered not dangerous to the human beings. Of these, approximately 70 species are considered of medical interest (READ, 2009; PINE et al., 2001). The found peonhentas serpents in Brazilian territory, currently are grouped in 6 sorts: Bothrops, Lachesis, Botriopsis, Porthidium, Crotalus (Viperidae Family) and Micrurus (Elapidae Family). In the state of Gois they had been registered the occurrence of the Bothropos sorts (jararacas), Crotalus (rattlesnake) and Micrurus (choral true), not having register for Lachesis, Porthidium and Botriopsis. Accidents involving no-peonhentas serpents are notified 0ccasionally. Some species are enclosed in the medicine, however the accidents are rare, being able to occur local or sistmicos symptoms, and rare death, caused for infection or poisoning for the peonha of the serpent. Second Rasp (2009) the following sorts of serpents not – peonhentas they are enclosed, Phallotris, Philodryas, Xenodon and Tachimenis. These serpents possess different dentition opistglifa of the considered serpents peonhentas of dentition solenglifas and proterglifas.

The first data epidemiologists of the ofdicos accidents had been carried through by Vital Brazil in 1901 (HISS et al., 2004; BRAZIL, 1911). The data on ofidsmo sufficiently are broken up, and in virtue of the lack of information, from 1986 the Health department became obligator the notification of the accidents for peonhentas serpents. The register of the data occurs by means of systems of obligatory notification, using specific fiches.

Stima Profecia

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