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Methodological letter Russian Ministry of Health recommends that doctors use the immunorehabilitation with tranfsfer factor in preparing for the standard treatment, in time of the meeting and afterwards. Feature is that the use of drugs ff ff +, ff (EDT), etc. Please visit Senator From Kentucky if you seek more information. are very thin regulators of immune system, so increasing its capacity, it is her job, often becomes the main and decisive factor in the treatment of many diseases, especially those in which the pathogenetic treatment, in fact, never before! The doctor begins with an introduction to basic therapy with Transfer Factor, and only then, observing the formation and development of the immune response, concludes on the feasibility and scope of a specific or symptomatic treatment. At the doctor an opportunity to follow nature and act in agreement with the immune system, and not for her. Such an approach will get results, not attainable before. This applies to such serious diseases as cancer, asthma, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, viral hepatitis B and C, encephalitis, meningitis, intrauterine viral infections, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer disease, osteomyelitis, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina, heart attack, autoimmune diseases such as sle, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroiditis, scleroderma, glomerulonephritis, ulcerative colitis, etc. (See Methodological letter of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation 14/231 of 30.07.04g.) Having the status of Bud, Transfer Factor, in fact, is a powerful new therapeutic tool in the hands of a doctor.

In this case, it is a 'smart' drug, never giving the body nothing but good! Since it is impossible to make a mistake or hurt, many of today's doctors are beginning to therapy with Transfer Factor, but this does not mean that they do not use an arsenal of medical treatments if the situation requires it! The miracle is that very often it is not required! It is interesting that after full immunorehabilitation with transfer factor, great start to work those drugs that have been successfully used 20-30 years ago, but then ceased to be used by doctors as a weak, not giving effect to the new conditions. But against the background given in the order the immune system – works fine and perfectly replace expensive and dangerous means of a new generation! But if doctors do not see any prospects for the standard treatment – Transfer Factor, in conjunction with powerful antioxidants and plant complexes, become the method of 'last resort', and at least make it possible to achieve a more prolonged remission. Biologically active dietary supplements, based on Shuttle factor produced by '4 Life Research, lc '(9850 South 300 West Sandy, Utah 84070), usa. Quality assured standards of gmp. Our mission is to let people know: Now is the output of the health situation where they simply did not exist before!

Losing Weight

Problem of weight loss, weight loss worries many. Want to lose weight: the total and not the men and women, regardless of interests, social status and age. The problem of weight loss takes people's minds for thousands of years, all this time people try to get an answer to two basic questions: Why are they fattening and how to complete this deal, possibly the most effective and harmless. In this article we will deal with these two fundamental questions – problems. Why do we polneem? Factors that trigger obesity is conveniently divided into two groups: 1. our body and physical activity; 2.

us food and water. Features of our body and physical activity our body, whether we like or do not want is a biological machine. This machine has a certain genetically predetermined (inherited from our parents) the characteristics and peculiarities. These features are expressed in the color of our eyes and hair, height, weight, type of physique, intelligence, character, characteristics of metabolism in many ways they cause our desires and behavior, even principled life somehow genetically predetermined. On the other hand people are not deprived of his choice, he can, albeit not completely, to change your body. We can stimulate the development of intelligence and muscle, as well as other systems, Organon and tissues, it is reasonable considering the physical and intellectual exercise and rest. However, it should be noted that without the proper Food is very perfect biological machine – our body, fully exist for a long time can not.

A Simple Way To Throw Money Down The Drain, Helping Your Health

How do I choose products for your health. I think that by reading this article, you agree that some things are not what may seem at first glance. Here are some criteria by which I compared: price, quantity, number of active substance in a unit of measurement of literacy production, quality certificates. Most people when choosing products take into consideration only 1.2 points from the list. Very often only interested in cost and this basis, make their choice. As compared patented mix and will be nearly impossible, I looked at the example of calcium. Body in the middle need 1000mg of calcium daily.

Most often we not receive substantial part of it. Calcium deficiency can cause the development of some of the more than 150 diseases caused by its deficiency in the body for a long time. Thus, two cans of calcium from different manufacturers 900 rubles. and 120 rub. The first is a Calcium Magnesium Chelate nsp and the second any cheap pharmacy ionic calcium. At first glance, the choice is obvious. We take the one that is cheaper and the question is closed.

Along the way, you can accuse the company of overstating nsp 7 times prices. Yet not we jump to conclusions, and analyze the list above. 1. This criterion is the price we have already evaluated. What did we pay? On this later. 2. the number and here we see that a competitor for a suggested price 60 tablets (sometimes less, and with such price), while the nsp 200! 3. quantity of active material per unit of measurement 250mg each. Or if it is 30 tablets or lower quality, then the calcium may be cheap 500mg. Terms of roughly equal in this particular paragraph. 4. Literacy Production One of the things that I attribute to the production of literacy – the degree of digestibility. For the successful metabolism of calcium needed magnesium. Magnesium is much more expensive than calcium, so the content of this mineral price depends to a large extent. How much magnesium in one pill? Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP): 125mg (the ratio of calcium to 1 / 2) Cheap Calcium: 30 mg (ratio of approximately 1 / 7) Of course, literacy is not the end of this production. Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP) – Cheap chelate form of calcium – the ionic form of calcium ion, getting in the gastrointestinal tract, reacts and turns into a calcium phosphate mineral trudnousvaivaemy. An adult man with his digestibility typically 5%. Chelate forms a strong link of the mineral with an amino acid. With this he easily passes through all the biochemical barriers. Metabolism of this form of calcium is many times higher. 5. Quality Certificates Calcium Magnesium Chelate (NSP) Here the undisputed leader. The highest demands of the international gmp standard against the minimum requirements for the production of cheap calcium. Now you can calculate how much to pay miserly. I can safely say that this will be considerably more than twice.