Losing Weight

Problem of weight loss, weight loss worries many. Want to lose weight: the total and not the men and women, regardless of interests, social status and age. The problem of weight loss takes people's minds for thousands of years, all this time people try to get an answer to two basic questions: Why are they fattening and how to complete this deal, possibly the most effective and harmless. In this article we will deal with these two fundamental questions – problems. Why do we polneem? Factors that trigger obesity is conveniently divided into two groups: 1. our body and physical activity; 2.

us food and water. Features of our body and physical activity our body, whether we like or do not want is a biological machine. This machine has a certain genetically predetermined (inherited from our parents) the characteristics and peculiarities. These features are expressed in the color of our eyes and hair, height, weight, type of physique, intelligence, character, characteristics of metabolism in many ways they cause our desires and behavior, even principled life somehow genetically predetermined. On the other hand people are not deprived of his choice, he can, albeit not completely, to change your body. We can stimulate the development of intelligence and muscle, as well as other systems, Organon and tissues, it is reasonable considering the physical and intellectual exercise and rest. However, it should be noted that without the proper Food is very perfect biological machine – our body, fully exist for a long time can not.