Determination Of The Personal Characteristics Of Human Beings Through The Analysis

Among the sources of psychological analysis of the individual employee occupy a special position statements and reports, complaints and proposals prepared in manuscript form. For these and other documents manager, whether staff worker or other specialist to work with staff, can make a conclusion not only on the level of literacy workers, but also about his ability to express their thoughts, feelings and send your own state. Graphologists argue that handwriting contributes to the disclosure of individual to individual. In order to read a person like a book, you need to know the system of handwriting, each of which corresponds to a specific property nature of the subject. Has long been noted that the handwriting as markedly different from each other as individual human nature, as the prints of their fingers.

Consider how we can easily learn some hand: when we see visa chief at the incoming documents, or when we get a letter from a friend. According to one painting or a few words we have accurately determine the author. Of course, one is tempted by the handwriting to learn all the inner nature of man. However, immediately should stipulate that: Firstly, graphology provides a probabilistic conclusions, and not one hundred percent approval, and secondly, the analysis of handwriting provides overall assessment of the psychological make-up man, and not accurate characteristics of its individual properties, and thirdly, it is believed that the graphologist must have at least one page of text, and, better yet, if there is an opportunity to learn a few texts written in different situations and at different times.


The presence of the soul that allows the whole, of the cell, which was formed from maternal and paternal halves have boundless bliss from the process of formation of a new, very special (Having only spiritual resemblance to other material other than fertilized human eggs, are formed if it is at this very moment, perhaps in other parts of the world), the only individuals under the achromatic specific person. This new cell, the bliss is in for a very long period, if we measure this period of her views. During this period (apparent even from the standpoint of our bodily existence moment) parents can not provide any solid influence on the nascent life. Although parents and are able to exert considerable bodily and his mother still and a slight spiritual influence in the period before conception, but this More details in the next chapter. But at the moment of conception, they can not deliberately influence even on the child's sex. The very same cell also does not affect the processes occurring in it. In this cage categorically do not want to interrupt a voluptuous and the creative process, merger and begin the complex, responsible, inconceivably long intrauterine period of construction of the human fetus. But Nature steadfastly enforces subsequent division of primary human cells, turning his life into a state of the second phase.

A man in a state of conception there is no past, and not given to look into the next phase of its life. In this light, with the achromatic products of conception, about finding a Man is in this moment the soul, you may be understandable, be accepted as correct and fair, the decision of many world religions forbid abortion. The second stage, as you already understood, is the period of fetal life. This period has significant implications not only for the solid state after birth, but is making some adjustments and the spiritual qualities of the man. At this stage it is very significant impact on his future stay at other times has a mother and traced a small, but nevertheless the impact of those that surround the mother. The very same fetus changes only on the program given by Nature, slightly corrected the influence of those that I mentioned above.

Personal contribution to what is happening is the fruit of man at this stage does not perform. In utero man very comfortable in warm, protected by the mother's immune system, under its physical protection. Born in an unknown world beyond the fetal habits and condition, scary, difficult and painful. But the nature inevitably leads man to go to his third stage of life. During his the second stage of life, a person already has their bodily and spiritual past, but still not able to either look at yourself in the last stage, nor into the future. The continuation of this short article can be found in my file vault on Adre: Article called 'achromatism of prednaznacheii Man'

Facial Expressions

If your friend continues to be mistaken about your facial expressions, and work more. When you bring these exercises to perfection, complicate the task. On separate sheets of paper, write all the seven persons, turn down the words and mix. Hear other arguments on the topic with supermodel. Open one sheet quickly and 'place' the person who dropped out. Time trying to get ready and gather his thoughts – not. Everything should be lightning fast and automatically. Let me remind you, you have to do everything in front of a mirror. One note.

If you gaze at your reflection, notice the reaction eye. They should not tear or get sick. The image should not swim. Should be sharp and crisp. If your eyes are reacting negatively to stress – so you can not keep the look. Details can be found by clicking supermodel or emailing the administrator. This too should learn some. Resort to help your friend and play a game of ''.

Necessary to measure the time (to start 1 min.) Someone who will review, ie, who first looks away. If you can not keep someone else's opinion – I train. I would like to draw your attention to one point. Virtually all people, there is the effect of 'running around' look. It can be permanent, can occur in moments of mental stress, in moments of fear or emotional experiences. This is unacceptable the behavior of your eyes, must be eradicated. Learn this very difficult, because artificially create the mirror situation of fear or anxiety – is impossible. Only through self-control in the event listed psychological moment, you must learn to control your mind.


I love themselves and, therefore, take care of your body. I fed him healthy food. I lovingly take care of him and dressed him, and my body pays me for the care excellent health and vigor. I love myself, so I create a house in which to live comfortably, the house that meets my needs, which remain a pleasure. The whole atmosphere in the house permeated with love.

Everyone who comes to me, feels it and feeds it. I love myself, and as a consequence, I do a job that brings me real joy. I fully spread on the job, working with and for people using all their creative potential, and the surrounding meet my love. I earn well. I love myself and therefore I think and treat all people with love, as I know: all that I give will come back to me a hundredfold. I admit in my world just loving people, because I know that they are like two peas in a pod like me.

I love myself and as a consequence, say goodbye to your past and get rid of him. I'm free. I love myself and as a consequence, I live only the present, taking each moment as a blessing. I know that ahead of me waiting for a bright and happy future, it will not let me, because I – particle of the universe, which is lovingly cared for me today and will take care of tomorrow. And it's true. I trust the flow of life evolving in accordance with the divine order.