Preventing Violence With Education

One way to prevent this violence and bring about change in society is to educate children equally. “Sexism, gender violence and bullying. Proposals for a comprehensive prevention of violence. Journal of Youth Studies. No. 73, “says that sexism is intimately connected to violence and sexism that includes various components: 1 the cognitive, confusing social or psychological differences between men and women with biological differences. These beliefs often lead to consider women inferior to men, and thus justify the discrimination and violence, these beliefs underlie the entire 2nd affective as to build the identity is associated as feminine values weakness and submission and as a male with the power, absolute control and hardiness and the use of violence brother man feels threatened.

This component helps explain the relationship that often exists between the sexist way of building male identity and most of the violence perpetrated by men, and the greater tendency for women to feel guilty and prone to depression. 3rd behavioral, is the tendency to put it into practice discrimination and violence. Since the beginning of sexism arises a duality, both assume values associated with the identity, and space reserved for men and women, involving the public space with men and women relegated to the private sphere only. Secure and Value Exposito (2006), University of Granada argue that the violence has become a central feature in today’s society, and this violence is present in many homes.

Analyze the relationship between sexism and other sociological variables such as religion, beliefs, culture of honor, with attitudes towards domestic violence. Research carried out showed that the women had negative reactions to domestic violence as having been made very serious while men attributed less credibility to the victims and were more likely to justify the aggression. As a practical conclusion of the study proposed to establish strategies to eliminate gender violence. Domestic violence is not only the death of the person, violence is manifested in different ways, have different faces, all perverse. G. Morales Hernandez Guijarro and C. Jaramillo (2002) “Intervention in sexist attitudes in the values and beliefs” say: “to exercise violence to impose beliefs and values by force, is enforceable in fear, is not to enter a dialogue, is to exclude and to underestimate anything that calls into question the power of who starts and use it. “Today, as in the past, it continues to use violence to impose upon others, usually looking for the weaker, which can be intimidate, a conflict which adopts a less belligerent, and unfortunately, our culture has found a woman with weakness and be a man with power, dominance, and on this premise has become history, politics, standards. .