The 7 Steps To Promote RSS Feeds On Your Website

RSS gets 100% of your content delivered, but not good if no one subscribes to your feeds. So your first task after planning and creating your feeds has to be promoting them to their visitors. The only problem is that most Internet users still do not know what RSS is, so has its work cut out for. But using the system described below should have no problem. In fact, after the implementation of this system should be to achieve better results than most editors out there. 1.

Ca "MO RSS RSS are generally promoted are usually promoted by orange XML or RSS buttons, and often also with buttons that allow visitors to subscribe directly to the source with your RSS reader. Normally, if by clicking the RSS button, the user only sees a lot of confusing XML. That, in fact, need to copy and paste the link into your RSS reader. But as most still do not know what is RSS, this method will only be a waste of potential subscribers. To succeed, you will need a different approach. A Create an RSS presentation page, which explains: – What is RSS – How visitors will benefit from using RSS – Where can I get a free RSS aggregator (recommend one yourself! ) – How do you install (offer step-by-step instructions) – How can subscribe to their RSS feeds – Why should subscribe to your own RSS feeds, then, on this page, include links to all your feeds RSS. In addition to the standard orange RSS button, also include direct links for subscriptions via MyYahoo! (Get it here and other relevant services such as Bloglines (There are about 5 RSS readers you must meet these buttons.