The Petrocaribe

Being rich and being rich is not deprived, but the guardian of unaccompanied baggage. Students of all matters relating to international trade, can not ignore what the present represents Petrocaribe, scope, impact, whatever it may originate and how this affects the country's development, in addition to what is involved in its goal, especially in the exchange deal, fair and justoa among countries in the Caribbean region, especially with regard to energy resources, petroleum and its derivatives, gas, electricity. Prospects interested in marketing opportunities that are generated with Petrocaribe, a new way to market power, giving opportunities to the disadvantaged, to develop industries, namely by leveraging the reach, the benefits of products such as oil, gas, derivatives, all that it can contribute to countries of this region face serious problems as far as energy is concerned. Keep in mind as already discussed, trachea and reminds us Wikipedia, Petrocaribe was created because of the abuses that foreign vessels engaged with countries in the Caribbean regarding the sale of oil, leading to excessive prices. The Petrocaribe agreement is based on eliminating all intermediaries to intervene only government-led institutions.

It seeks the transformation of Latin American and Caribbean societies, making them more fair, educated, participatory and supportive. The idea was conceived with the aim of creating a comprehensive process that promotes the elimination of social inequalities, promoting quality of life and effective participation of the people. This organization will coordinate and articulate energy policy, which includes not only oil but also its derivatives, gas, electricity, technological cooperation and training, infrastructure development, energy, and harnessing alternative sources like wind and solar energy. .