Trade Online Designers

Currently the market (online shopping) in Colombia, has gradually become one of the alternatives available to them Colombians to save in times of crisis. For the industry this may be a new option for independent designers and brands who are seeking non-traditional channels to market for their creations. The virtual stores for several years have already positioned in developed countries as an alternative for buyers to purchase items of all kinds, and have them easily in the comfort of their homes. At Rockwell Trading you will find additional information. Read additional details here: Cindy Crawford. In Colombia, young designers have found on the Internet, a natural channel to offer their creations. Through blogs and pages created on sites like Facebook or MySpace, designers publish photographs of their products and make use of social networks to reach more and more potential buyers who will gladly refer their friends the latest discovery in terms regards, achieving with this customer to expand their market to people who may never have had access to their proposals.

Through these pages designers contact with their "fans", and can even develop unique designs to their request, which fits perfectly with the trend of customization of styles already deeply rooted in the youth of the world and of course also from Colombia. More info: Rockwell Trading. But this mechanism has proven to be somewhat effective and some positive results, it's not really the business model currently operating in the world. The big brands have understood for several years the reality of the web as the future be denied, to move closer and closer to what their customers want, but not only of the products we sell, but those who sell them, ie trademarks. .