Transplants Save Lives

and there the analogy comes, while the Baron tried to revive to the dead with galvanic current, the Transplants Save Lives from the Healthy Organ (Liver, Kidney, mainly) of a human being Died (Encephalic) implanting it in replacement of a dying and death organ, with results spectacular incredible that is contiguous in the limb of the Mystery for the anthropomorphic logics, by the succession of facts that happen, with exactitude really only explicable and understandable in the light of that so old and so recent Beauty as said San Agustn that it is the FAITH. And I can give a modest still intubado testimony, when the 15 of October of the 2008, after one release and heroic day of 14 fight of hrs., woke up in the UCI of the Hospital Almenara in Lima, laboriously looked for to see my abdomen, inclined looking for my abdomen to me, in the middle of the pain that this maneuver caused to me, wanted to see my dressings, wanted you drain to see, wanted to see them my soundings, the doctors and nurses watched to me perplex, when I was able to see what wanted I began to stammer If They transplanted to me! ,I am cured, I am saved! ,Alive God! ,The Life lives! ,The Doctors live! ,Alive Chaman! And I ended up crying had to help to me as it consists in the recordings of the UCI, is that really he is Incredible, is Miraculous everything what happens, this is the Reality, against this reality crash all type of Ilusionismo, all type of Utopia, atheistic and agnostic rhetoric, as all the barons of the average age crashed in their time that they looked for to revive dead. Original author and source of article