Nursing Scenarios: You Choose Which One You Prefer

The nursing practice can be carried out in different scenarios. This provides the professional where unfold interesting options, granting a privilege of the profession makes a different and good employment potential. The scenarios for nursing practice are: Hospitals: The nurse provides direct care to the sick or convalescent is internal to the institution. In addition, assists in meeting the basic needs of human survival. Right Care Facilities Nursing: The nurse provides care to people with chronic health conditions, especially elderly. It also provides nursing care to long term, rehabilitation and other services. Community: Nurses develop and implement public health strategies to provide health care to the patient, family and community on the basis of the continued health and disease.

Industry: The nurse applies occupational health techniques and provides health care and safety workers in their workplace. Schools: The school nurse has a multidimensional role in promoting the health of children and adolescents in school, through the promotion of a safe environment, health screenings, coordination of health services, among others. Universities: The teacher educates nursing students in training. Apply techniques of teaching-learning in the classroom and in clinical practice settings, which also provides monitoring and evaluation of skills learned. Other: The nurse can also provide clinical laboratory services, medical offices, health insurance, rehabilitation centers, the military, among others. Multidisciplinary development options offered by the nursing profession are numerous, as are the scenarios that are available for practice. This reaffirms once again that a nurse is a decision that brings more benefits than disadvantages.

Mobile Clinics and Health

In relation to claims of the traditional territory, we have the experience to claim a territory and Amotocodie Chunguperedatei. It Ayoreo traditional area. That claim has five (5) years, and still nothing is resolved within the Paraguayan state's legal system. There is no support in the social, economic and cultural, by local and national government. No member communities receive financial support from UNAP local government to make efforts in Asuncion. Another of the problems is the lack of work, and secured land available is small, and there are almost no forest to hunt, not respecting our rights as peoples. The UNAP denounces the lack of respect by the government since we are not consulted and make decisions that affect communities and our traditional territory. Denounce, one side does not have access to ancestral lands because everything is private property and that is very difficult to recover.

Our traditional territory is being dismantled and destroyed by farming livestock. There is lots of pressure from farmers and loggers who take palo santo and there are hurting our people forestry. Operating plans and destroy the streams and washes gaps in our ancestral territory that give life to the brothers Ayoreos still living in the bush. Non-indigenous society imposes on us without consulting projects and plans, although it is Ayoreo ancestral territory. With all this, also affect the traditional culture, including religious practices and indigenous beliefs, which have already been fully invaded and were not respected at all. In the communities there are also non-indigenous religious and do not leave work to shamans. In the communities there are people who want our wood to coal. Is almost no access to health.

There is hardly a mobile clinic each month. The security system that applies in the Central Chaco Ayoreo that discriminate in this way is mostly without protection and social insurance. At the same time, was invaded culture with their ancestral practices as healing and health care, and costs apply. We need access to education, but that lack government support, as there are no schools in all communities, its members come to Philadelphia, Carmelo Peralta, or Murtin (Brazil). The state school system moves to one's education as Ayoreo culture, and not let him, in spite of the Ayoreo had a great practice of traditional education and ancestral. The Government and its official agencies do not communicate, or ask the Ayoreo organizations or communities do not respect its own form of our organization, and respect the times we need in the consultations, as our organization Ayoreo is autonomous and has its own system of decision making.

Health Protection

For many people, health is one of the main points in your life, so always seek the best possible care to keep health protection of the highest quality, which means having a service for optimal efficiency of best aspects for the prevention or treatment of various diseases, for which many people have joined the so-called prepaid medicine, which thanks to the quality of the provision of services to which access to these health plans has become the model more comprehensive medical care and therefore more suitable for having excellent health on the basis of prepaid medical and benefits to be gained with this. Undoubtedly prepaid medicine is the best thing you can have for health care in terms of prevention and care, so much so that prepaid medicine is considered the elite of health systems, however get some such excellent conditions also means a greater economic contribution, ie the services that flow from the prepaid health has a greater cost in relation to other health systems, in one form or another prepaid medicine is aimed at people with higher economic resources. Some of the key features found in the prepaid medical system, are: The prepaid medical programs is not based on principles of solidarity and, as with other systems, but the prepaid medicine is based on the idea that each person receives a particular attention as the contribution you make, so everyone can make a health care plan to suit your needs and conditions. For the conditions of providing service in prepaid medical health, from a legal view is not a social security system, but a contract of insurance, which makes the level of assistance and protection can agree, therefore users determine the level of coverage and benefits, both for a single person or a family group the services provided in the prepaid medical vary the amounts to be made, and the medical risk coverage is desired, which may have some disadvantages, because for the completion of the first insurance contract is a complete medical examination, together with an assessment of medical history, this with the idea of whether it is viable or not membership based on the level of costs that would care for that person. The prepaid medicine companies manage two modes of operation, one is that you have a service contract with a considerable number of clinics and hospitals, ie different hospitals can provide the service, which means a lot of coverage, not be tied to a single point of attention, the other is that the company is a provider of prepaid medicine has its own network of service centers.

Health and Diet

The term fat often has a bad reputation when it comes health and diet. There are certain fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids, this substance is very safe and helps prevent and cure many diseases. If we remember when our parents wisely required us to take cod liver oil when we were kids, we were making us the most good, which is the best source of this essential nutrient. The dangerous saturated fats are composed of fatty acids that are saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fatty acids (boiled or burned in all fried foods) are usually of animal origin, although some also come from vegetable oils such as coconut, which is universally-used in the food industry and is in the cookies, for example. These acids are harmful to health, are associated with increased blood cholesterol and the occurrence of heart Illness. Good fats, however, unsaturated fatty acids are "good fats called." As an example, the acid oleic, which is obtained from olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acid is most important group. With regard to the polyunsaturated, the biggest benefit to human health is the Omega-3 acid.

Omega-3 and longevity Omega-3 acids from fish such as salmon and trout, have been shown to help reduce the frequency of heart disease and cardiac death. Recent research concluded that polyunsaturated fatty acids have a very important benefit: heart patients who have a very high intake of Omega-3, were found to have "telomeres" (stretches of DNA whose length is related to longevity) relatively long. Universadad Cardiologists of San Francisco California, medieron length by more than 15 years in 608 patients suffering from obstruction of the coronary arteries and who had previous heart attacks. The studies revealed that people with a high level of Omega-3 showed a telomere shortening significantly lower compared with patients with low levels of Omega-3. "What we're showing is a direct relationship between Omega-3 fatty acids and a good precesses of aging," the manifesto Ramin Farzaneb, clinical cardiologist and professor at San Francisco General Hospital. The Eskimo diet best discovery of the benefits that regular consumption of Omega-3 is for health care was when measured scientifically Eskimos, despite having a high-fat diet had less cardiovascular problems that the world population. Barring genetic factors, it was observed that their diet, rich in Pasco (Omega-3), which protects them from cardiovascular problems. Benefits foods that naturally contain more Omega-3 fatty acids are: * Fish (salmon, trout) * seafood * Soy * almonds * the * olive oil and flaxseed oil. Its main benefits are: 1 .- lowering bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides two .- reduces the incidence of atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's prevention 3 .- the onset of certain cancers 4 .- have anti-inflammatory effect in arthritis 5 .- useful for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias 5 .- improve certain clinical depression depends now if you just want to lead a long and healthy life bring knowledge to your table only the famous fat! rich in healthy mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids that provide many benefits! .

Rich with Health

The universe is rich, only exists in abundance, not scarcity. The shortage lies only in the human mind, made us believe that we are not rich, we live surrounded by scarcity. The deficiency lies in our mind and conditions us to live embittered by what we have and grow with a misguided view that what it means to be rich, and also what it means to be happy. In the universe there is no shortage, animals and plants live in abundance, certainly if an animal is starving because he has lived conditioned by the human mind, there is no shortage around us, and neither should be part of our lives . We have a misconception of what is to be rich and have money, you know? You can be rich before you have money, focus on life in all that we have makes us rich and happy, if you focus on what you got your life is not focused on lack and the result of concentrating on what you lack, will attract your life more than that, you need money? You'll need more money, you need health? Sicker, If you focus on what you got and see if lived so far, is a lie that "never had money, you give credence to a claim that is a lie, if you are used to give thanks for what you got, you'll have more of the same, but we are accustomed to say, I I make $ 500 a month, I reached, I am poor, you could be call that does not have money, you think the genius of the universe is going to say? Your wish is our command … and if you make a change in your life and begin to give thanks for that $ 500 you got? At the end of the day there are people that even those 500 have, if you consider yourself rich because you got those 500 and thank you focus on why you got in your hand "Thank you because I am rich" genius will say, Your wish is our command " that is rich, "Have more, because this happy with what has come to my mind a New Testament verse that says" you were faithful over a few things about what a few things, "the day you fill your life with thoughts abundance, have more abundance in your life, and you will become a rich person, even before having the amount of money from your dreams..

Diet Programs

5kg. Fat (10 lbs) and 1 kg. Muscle (2lbs). This program provides enough protein to lose weight to only lose fat and no muscle. Even with the program recovers lost all the muscle. 3 .- Stress. During the period of stress, the body is subjected to wear 2-3 times normal. Therefore more proteins are destroyed.

4 .- The exercise. When you exercise there is a greater wear of the organism with which most proteins are destroyed. 5 .- stimulants. Coffee, nicotine, drugs, increase the wear of the body with more protein are destroyed. 6 .- diseases. The fever and other illnesses increase the wear of the body. 7 .- bleeding. Blood loss, either by injury or menstruation, cause further loss of protein.

8 .- antibiotics. Kill many cells. That is, not only kill bacteria, also kill healthy cells. With the loss of these cells lose many proteins. 9 .- The antiseptic and alcohol. Also kill many cells in the body. 10 .- Burns. Fire, acids, chemicals, et cetera. For whatever reason, destroys the tissues and cells they are presented. 11 .- The sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise causes a slow circulation of the blood with oxygen and nutrients it carries. This means that thousands of cells die daily and inexplicable pain that occur in different parts of the body being confused with tendon diseases, neuritis, etc.. Conditions under which the doctor does not know what to do to remove the problem. yComo we realize that the person lacks protein? The hair, beard and nails do not grow as it should, grow very slowly, or easily broken hair falls out and blame the shampoo. When our body has the right amount of protein, hair and nails grow quickly, are strong and not fall off or break easily. This program provides the right amount of protein with all essential and nonessential amino acids we need every day and the first thing you notice when you take it, is that the hair stops falling. Carbohydrates. Sugars are important because our main source of energy comes from them. The food has too much refined sugar. This program contains no refined sugar, because that it creates more hunger and low energy of the individual. It also creates a large osmotic pressure in the bowel, which destroys many nutrients and also caught a lot of water, dehydrating the cells of intestinal villi. It also causes increased production of insulin by the pancreas, leading to force it and damage it. The sugar program is fructose, which is the main sugar in fruit – hence the name -. This sugar is used more easily because it does not need insulin to enter cells and metabolized. It is the ideal sugar for diabetics, provides enough power and maintains constant blood levels. Saturated fat. Fat is needed in our body, helps metabolize certain vitamins, the formation of many compounds such as hormones, generates a lot of energy but not the main source or easier to use and generates heat. The food brings an excessive amount of saturated fat. Excess fat is like a deadly poison , you kills slowly and without feeling.

The Secret to Great Living

Maybe some time you come along every step of "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction" and have not yet been able to achieve what you set out, having a partner that both want, the successful business, the perfect job, money you'd like, optimal health, and that you stressed, frustrated and impatient, you feel you're doing something wrong. If that's the case I invite you to keep reading. In this article I will share four key principles for dealing with this frustration and enjoy more of your life here and now. In early 2007, in Barcelona, I first saw the documentary The Secret and really shocked me. In this newly subtitled version appeared in Spanish and just had it, I began to share with many people.

I remember doing meetings to see the documentary in a center where we filled the room with about 50 people each time. At that time, the film opened my eyes to a way of looking at life more positively, where I felt less victim of circumstances and what happened to my around, and I appreciate it, that three years have passed. Lately I've received messages asking my opinion on The Law of Attraction and comments about their frustration at not being getting what they desire. My answer is that I still think it is a first step to see life in a more open and positive and that on today, I can confirm from personal experience that the secret or the law of attraction works or not … Some things were me and not others, and people who could not draw what they wanted and this made them feel frustrated, or guilty for creating negative situations in their lives, not knowing as they did not like change. Of course, if you're looking to be happy and have a pleasant life, the frustration and guilt does not give you happiness, you remove it … And so I will share some concepts offered by Byron Katie, author of the bestsellers "Loving What Is "and" A Thousand Names for Joy "that I used to me and many others to live a life in peace. Principle 1: The Secret: You can have whatever you want. The Secret teaches you how to get money, success, partner, health, to be happy, and when you have the life you want and be happy. And the reality for me is that just because "you need something not now" to be happy, it takes you to be unhappy now … makes you feel that you lack something and see life from a shortage.

The Benefits Of Speculation In Agricultural Commodities Market Investment

Imagine a water well in a semiarid region, where its level depends on rainfall to maintain a vital quantity for consumption. If in moments of good level, that water was freely used, will certainly waste, such as bathrooms, cleaning, among other uses. They may in time of drought, not having enough to desedentacion human / animal. This situation could be avoided, placing cost-limiting its consumption. When perceived the level of accumulated reserves may be insufficient, its consumption should be reduced in proportion, which would regulate the use and maintain a minimum reserve.

Article developed by the time of the same can happen with food, basic survival, as well as water from that well. Taking stock prices low, many go to consume more than would be necessary to satisfy healthy. So at some point, there could be lack of food for human nutrition worldwide, with some catastrophic, occurred there. Just because the market tends to self-correct if, precificando-whether under the stage. By making food in a situation of expected future shortages are expected to need extra consumption is stopped or reduced. To be sure, many maintain their consumption, increasing their costs, but in the mean, there is a reduction in expected demand and a tendency to return to equilibrium. Together with a reduction in consumption due to high price, there will be financial incentive for cultivation, increasing the supply and regulating the balance of human consumption.

On the dark side of speculative activity is the formation of large financial groups, which fall "flushing" or enxaguando "commodities market, without any basis for such. By doing so, a movement in an attempt to manipulate prices to infer achievements or misinterpretations of the stage. However, in this situation, other traders with good foundations to counteract this phenomenon, brought to market with counter derivative positions, making gain from such distortions to the detriment of the damage of the counterparty. With the speed and reliability of the information at the present time, it is unlikely that an attempt to distort the market for "firepower" of some, come the end auferir achievements for their bettors.

Naturally Prevent Disease

There are two forms of the herpes virus. A form of herpes virus that a person can get is often referred to as cold sores. The other way is the herpes virus that cause genital area. Both forms are highly contagious virus, and once a person has been infected with the herpes virus, will remain with him forever in your system. Unfortunately, at present there is no permanent cure for herpes, however, is tireless research to find the solution to this problem. There are medications that help prevent herpes outbreaks, but even when taking medications, people usually turn to suffer herpes from time to time.

If you take medication or not, there are some natural ways to help prevent the annoying and painful lesions caused by herpes. Know what’s going to trigger an outbreak of herpes is the first step in prevention. Anything that compromises a person’s immune system may lead to the reappearance of the virus. Stress causes a major reduction in system immune. Then, you should keep your body as healthy as possible.

Make sure you are eating properly, and also worry about exercising regularly, in order to stay as healthy as possible. If you are under stress, must find a way to relax. Nutritional supplements may help your immune system functioning optimally. Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc have been shown to stimulate the immune system. The addition of garlic to your diet can also be beneficial, and that garlic is not only a natural antibacterial agent, but also has other nutrients that strengthen the immune system. Acidic foods may increase herpes sores, so it is advisable to avoid foods high in acidity. You should also avoid drinking coffee, fried foods and citrus fruits and juices because they increase the acidity levels in the body. Foods that can help reduce acidity levels in the body are whole grains, vegetables greens and fruits that are not in the citrus family. If you have found these tips useful, you can find many more, and quickly begin to make real change in your life doing. Take a few minutes to see an advanced treatment to end their Herpes (Zoster, Sores, Genital, or whatever) —.

The Environment and Our Planet

We live in times of dilemmas, discussions and various conclusions about the future of the planet in half the prophecies, theories and concepts that involve a number before any widespread fear by the end of the world and the resources we need in economic life and in the process guarantee the survival of societies. The big question of the moment revolves around how we can change the concept of wealth now present in the various sectors of modern society. The bigger issue is how we create alternatives to the escalating cycle of production and utilization of resources without settling with the natural elements and cause ecological chaos. In the midst of these discussions has increasingly emerged ideas that lead to a new development model that is not exploitative and seek to develop a course of respect for the environment and the dynamics of nature. There are several alternatives of a new logic of human behavior in relation to the environment because we need to vehemently challenge of rampant consumerism and pick up a new model exploitation of natural resources that are certainly suitable for a process of reduction of environmental insults and the frenetic pace of exploitation of nature. It is urgent that we be responsible citizens for a better and more appropriate the lives of beings who inhabit this planet. It is urgent to change behaviors and develop educational measures in all sectors of society do we live with that entity with components of various ecosystems.

The modern capitalist world I was characterized as extremely predatory and degradation generator and loved biomes found in them. The dominant logic of achievement in our society today greedily reaches our environment and leaves a trail of destruction and reflections that greatly influence the quality of life of the inhabitants of the planet and has caused great concern for individuals regarding health problems, air , pollution of all levels and endless processes of dilemmas that can promote himself questioning the economic model now prevalent in modern society. It is urgent that we believe alternatives to a development process that is creating equal opportunities for all and manages less waste, less environmental degradation and fewer problems. On the environmental debate today is vital in all sectors of society so that we can choose an alternative model of economic development that seeks to generate equal opportunities for growth of profits generated by the technology and are tuned to the improvement process life of all beings that inhabit our planet. The environmental vision is a task that needs to be developed in all social groups to enable a world view that gives individuals the certainty that we will have a better and fairer world for all. It is increasingly important that our society support and develop educational process for a new model of living that reduce waste, questions the descartabilidade, promotes environmental action and is a creator of new visions of the world where the environment is part of all actions in the public and private sector. Environmental education should be encouraged at all levels of society and should promote environmentally correct attitudes for the good of the world and the beings that live in it.

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