Time Foods

Prevention of risks in the familiar scope and the work? Sexual education? Prevention of Drogodependencia? Emotional health? Road education? Environmental education? Leisure and Time free 10. Education in Values In each of them we will develop the conceptual, procedural and actitudinales contents fomenting functional knowledge that help the students that is to say to act and to decide before the sanitary subjects, as well as forming to him in habits of CONTAINED healthful life OF the ENVIRONMENTS: 1 Well-taken care of Hygiene and cleaning of the different parts from the Well-taken care of body and cleaning of the dresses and personal objects To show the benefits in the health of the hygiene practices biological Foundations of the motor conduct. Postural upheavals 2 Feeding To learn to eat in a balanced fashion. Diets, you rule favorable to obtain to a sensible diet foods. Wheel of foods Conservation of foods. Preservatives Study of the publicity in relation to foods nourishing Upheavals. Anorexy.

Bulimia and Obesidad 3 Prevention of risks in the familiar scope and the work Identification of the accidents in the familiar, social scope and labor Study and planning of preventive measures. Knowledge of the aid that must occur in case of accident Order and cleaning in center of work Handling manual of loads To learn to act in case of fires Prevention with the electrical system Prevention with chemical agents Handling of machines and tools Individual protective equipment 4 Sexual Education Knowledge of the body To understand the sexual relations as a form of interpersonal communication To distinguish reproduction sexuality To know how to the mechanisms of the reproduction and the new reproductive techniques To know the methods contraceptive. To know the diseases sexual transmission To acquire habits of hygiene and health in relation to the sexuality and the reproduction 5 Prevention of Drogodependencia Knowledge on drugs Risks of consumption external Influences on our decisions.